St Andrews Church Appeal

'The Church of St Andrew' to give it its correct name is registered in the Doomsday Book.


This dates the origional church as being built before 1086 when the Doomsday book was commissioned by William the Conquerer.


In it, it is recorded as:

Stoches / Stokesbei / bey: William d'Écouis. Church, 2 salthouses. 180 sheep.

St Andrew’s Church as it is now more commonly known was registered as a Grade 11* listed building in September 1962.

Sadly she is beginning to show her age.

Over the last few years several major cracks have appeared internally where the Tower connects the the main building giving cause for concern.

Also two of the very large Beech Trees have been blown over by High winds causing extensive damage to the grave yard, the perimeter wall and to one of the churches leaded windows.

On the advice of a Arborist the remaining Beech trees have now  been removed.

A structral engineer specialising in churches has been commissioned to carry out a full survey of the church. His report makes sad reading as other areas have been identified as needing attention as a resultof the report scaffolding has now been erected inside the tower to give it support.

Several charities have been identified as possible sources of funding to carry out the work once quotes have been obtained from specialist builders in church restoration.

Below are examples of the extent of the damage inside the versty. This cannot be seen unless you can access the area. Several area have also been found where the flint has become loose and is allowing water to get inot the lime cement. The crown of the thached roof is also showing signs of damage and may need to be replaced.

As a Grade11* listed building any repairs must be carried out in accordance with certain guidelines.