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Village Hall

Stokesby Village Hall

Stokesby Village school was built in 1875 at a cost of £600 to accommodate 85 scholars, a house was added for the Schoolmaster in 1881. For many years the infant class was taught in a gallery above the main hall and the school Inspectors report for 1923 remarked that this was very cramped. It was to be some time before the money could be found to provide a separate room for them,  a new classroom was added in 1896 to increase capacity to 100.

The school also acted as the Parish meeting room until the first Village Hall was built after the First World War. It was also the venue for Coroners inquests including the death of Thirza Kelly on Christmas Eve 1900 when John Cossey was sent for trial for murder.

The number of children in the village gradually declined over the years, and finally, the school was closed in 1978 with just 15 children on the roll. Over 1000 children have passed through the school during its 100-year history.

Thanks to a small number of enterprising local residents the school was saved from redevelopment or conversion and bought from the County Council by the village for use as a Community Centre.

The building is now used for a variety of fundraising events, including Christmas parties, dinners, and quizzes.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays Pilates classes are held and on Wednesday aftrnoon there is an Craft and Games Club between 2 - 4pm. Thursday morning between 10 - 12 is Coffee and a natter morning, all are welcome to help put the world to rights.

To hire the hall please  contact Richard Dixon 01493 754136 to discuss your requirements.

Within the building is the Social Club, where you can have a quiet drink and watch boats sail by on the river. Why not come and play darts on a Friday evening from 7.30 pm or just enjoy a drink and a chat with friends or make new friends.
Future events planned in the Village Hall and Social Club will be listed on the Stokesby Calendar link.


Village Hall and Social Club  
Committee Members for 2023/24

Village Hall Committee

             Chair: Rob Lloyd                             01493   741008  
            Treasurer: Steve Short                    01493   730229 

            Secretary: Karen Lince                    01493   741008
            Hall Bookings: Richard Dixon           01493   754136




                           Social Club Committee
       Chair      : Martin Seabright
       Treasurer: Steve Roebuck
       Secretary: Adam Seabright
       Village Hall e-mail 

 If you wish to hire the Village Hall for an event please contact the booking officer to ascertain that the date you require is available.



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