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Out and About

Local Walks

This map can be found on the Stokesby staithe by the village green. The map shows the circular walk which takes 3-4 hours and is 4.5 miles long. This scenic walk explores the traditional farming landscape of the Broads. In Spring and Summer, you will see cattle grazing on the lush, wide marshes. All year round there is marshland wildlife to discover and enjoy.

Stokesby Staithe

This is one of the many village staithes on the Broads. In the days before roads and railways were built, goods were transported by the river. Black-sailed ‘Wherries’ would have moored up here to unload their cargoes of reeds, timber, and other local goods

The Grazing Marshes and their Wildlife.

Cattle and sheep have grazed these marshes for centuries.

The marsh dykes are home to a wonderful range of plants and insects. Look out for the damselflies and dragonflies darting around.


Wind Pumps and Marsh Drainage

As you walk around you will notice some of the old wind-pumps which used to drain the marshes. Electric pumps are used now but the old wind-pumps are part of the history of the Broads. Many of the best examples are being restored by the Norfolk Mills and Pump Trust


A Protected landscape

You will pass some fields which have been converted from grazing marsh to arable crops like sugarbeet. But because the marshes are so rich in wildlife the Broads has become an Environmentally Sensitive Area. This scheme supports traditional farming which protects the marsh landscape and its wildlife


The Broads & National Park

In 1989 the Broads gained the status of a National Park. Like other National Parks it is protected because of its unique landscape and wildlife, and for us to enjoy








Please follow the country code
Please keep your dog on a lead
where there is livestock around.
Keep to the marked paths.
Fasten all gates.

Take your litter home.
Protect wildlife.
Drive carefully on country roads.
Be prepared for large agricultural vehicles,

deer and horse riders.


when passing or approaching Horses

Guard against the risk of fire.


Rapeseed field.jpeg
Public footpath.jpeg
Places to visit


St  Andrew's Church, Stokesby.

This beautiful church is situated on the outskirts of the village and can be accessed on foot or by car. If you are on foot, as you leave the village heading towards  Runham there is a  signpost directing you to the Church footpath which is on the left. The church can easily be seen from the road. The path leads to the church graveyard and onto the church its self. If visiting by car drive along the Runham Road as you leave the village there is a left-hand bend. Approximately 200 yds further on there is a slip road on the left which leads up to the church, there is a small area for parking.



Thrigby Hall Wildlife Park

At home in the landscaped grounds of Thrigby Hall is a special collection of rare animals from Asia. You will find endangered tigers, huge crocodiles, noisy gibbons, and many more exciting animals. A unique network of raised walkways allows you to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. The park is wheelchair and pushchair friendly and benefits from free parking, picnic areas, café, gift shop, and play areas to suit children of different age groups.

Thrigby Hall is open every day from 10 am

For more details visit



Time & Tide Museum (Gt. Yarmouth)

Set in a beautifully preserved Victorian curing works, Time and Tide tells the story of Great Yarmouth from its Ice Age origins to the present day. Discover the town’s rich maritime heritage and its development as a popular seaside resort. Hear gripping tales of wreck and rescue and meet colourful characters who made their living from the sea.

This dynamic and family-friendly museum places fascinating archive films alongside recreations of local cottages, a noisy 1950s fish wharf and the charming shops of a 1913 ‘Row’. The highlight is the unforgettable chance to step inside one of the towering original smokehouses, where the smell of smoked fish still lingers. One of Norfolk’s real treasures, this superb museum is the best introduction you will find to the fascinating and historic town of Great Yarmouth.


For more details visit  Time & Tide Museum


Filby Charity Shop.jpg

Filby Village Charity Shedshop

Opposite Filby Post Office.

All proceed are donated to various charities in local villages.

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