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Rural Crime

Sadly the current lockdown hasn't deterred the criminals from operating in

and around our village and the surrounding area.

There has been a report of a vehicle being broken into and items being stolen from insecure garages.

There has also been the theft of Red Deisel from the site on the Muckfleet.

Police are very keen to clamp down on rural crime but need your help to do so.

How can we help?

  •  Report anything that you feel is suspicious. Dial 101

  • If you believe a crime is in progress. Dial 999

  • Don't make things easy for the criminal.

  • Lock your car.

  • Don't leave valuables on view in your car.

  • If you have Deisel on your property try to make it difficult to approach the tank.

  • Question any strange vehicles that stray onto your property, record the details of the vehicle e.g. Registration number.

  •  With your mobile phone, you may be able to photograph it, if it is safe to do so.

  • Consider upgrading the filler cap to one that locks

  • Consider an alarm that monitors a drop in the level of oil in your tank.

  • Contact your local Police Station for Crime Prevention Advice.


Visit the Norfolk Trading Standards  Consumer Advice section for further information regarding the latest scams being used to steal our data and money, and how to avoid them



In order for us to be able to offer this Hot Food Menu, we propose the following arrangements and we shall see how it goes all items are subject to availability.

Kids meals available on request.

Will deliver to Stokesby Free of charge every evening between 6 – 7 pm (if you are outside Stokesby then call and we will make arrangements if we can)

You will need to call 01493 751096 between 12noon and 5 pm daily to place the order for that evening and arrange payment. We will, of course, take care of social distancing on delivery for your safety and ours.

Starters £4

Homemade Leek and Potato Soup with Bread Roll

Prawn Cocktail with Bread and Butter

Whitebait with Bread and Butter


Main Course £9

Fish and Chips

Scampi and Chips

Sausage, mash, and peas (veg option available)

Lamb Chops, mash, and veg

Chilli with Rice and Tortilla Chips (veg option available)

Beef and Bacon Burger with Fries

Chicken Burger and  fries

Vegetarian Lentil Burger and fries

Lasagne and garlic bread



Please check our Facebook page daily for options




We have a small stock of basics, so if you’ve run out of something you need then give us a call and we will help out where we can, all items will be for delivery.

We will sell these items for what they’re worth, not massively inflated prices but the stock will change daily so call 01493 751096 to order.

We currently have

Milk, Sliced loaves, Bread Rolls dried pasta, a selection of timed goods, toilet rolls, sanitary products.

Soft drinks, Beers, and wines are also available, but these are subject to age verification. Just call and ask for details

We will increase the selection as time goes on and we learn what people are most in need of.

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Filby and District Community Help Group

If you are self-isolating due to the COVID-19 Virus, or just lonely and worried about the present situation maybe we can help?

We are the Filby and District Community Help Group and co-ordinated

from Filby Post Office.

Our contact numbers are:- Landline. 01493 369250

                                              Mobile.      07790942873

                                               E-Mail       adrian.thompson1@btconnect.com

We can help in the following ways:-

-- Delivery of grocery, coal, logs etc.

-- Picking up and posting mail.

-- Picking up urgent supplies such as Tablets.

-- Or just a friendly phone call.

Coronavirus is contagious. Please take every precaution to ensure you are spreading only kindness. Avoid physical contact (2-metre distance).

Wash your hands regularly.        

Items should be left on your doorstep.


Looking after each other is something that is already happening in our community, but we do need a more coordinated approach given the situation we are in.

We have a small group already set up, but we need extra volunteers to help.

If you have the time please contact me on the above numbers.


Adrian Thompson

Filby Sub Post Master

Independent Borough Councillor


Stokesby has joined the growing number of villages that now has its own Community Speed Watch.


What Is Community Speed Watch?

Put simply, speed monitoring is carried out by trained volunteers from the community, with follow-up work on education and enforcement by Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership, Norfolk Police and your Local Authority.


Initially, letters are sent to registered keepers of offending vehicles asking for their assistance in keeping speeds down in your community, with persistent offenders targeted for police enforcement. Local Authority Road Safety staff can help with supporting initiatives, including the use of Speed Awareness Messaging Devices (SAM’s).


Speed watch signs have now been put up in Stokesby warning motorists that the scheme exists hoping that this will reduce the number of people who persistently speed through our village.


Occasionally the volunteers will be joined by police officers who can issue speeding tickets on the spot.


For more details about Speed Watch visit: www.norfolk.police.uk/sites/norfolk/files/page/downloads/community_speedwatch_booklet.doc


Lloyds Mobile Banking Acle

Lloyds Mobile Bank now visits the Acle Memorial Recreation Centre Car Park every Tuesday between the following times.

9.00 - 12.15

13.00 - 14.45

Please note all times are approximate and can vary depending on traffic which can increase the travelling time


Acle Flexibus


Some Acle Flexibus journeys will no longer need to be pre-booked. On Monday to Friday, service 72a will call at Stokesby Green at 07.24 & 09.19 to Acle for the connections to Norwich or Great Yarmouth. Return buses will depart from Acle Kings Head at 13.35 17.05 and 18.15 calling to set down passengers as required.

Service 730 to Great Yarmouth via Caister on Wednesdays and Saturdays continues to operate at the same time as before, calling at Stokesby at 10.18 towards Great Yarmouth with the return journey leaving Great Yarmouth at 13.26.

All the above journeys are operated by 'Our Bus'


In addition, the 68 bus operated by Ambassador Travel on college days continues unchanged, calling at Stokesby at 08.05 towards Great Yarmouth and returning at 16.15. These journeys extent to, or from East Norfolk Sixth Form College in Gorleston.


For details of the ‘Our Hire’ Routes
that  run through Stokesby please click on the link below which will take you to the Our Hire site with the latest time table.


Stokesby Bottle Bank

Although we can now recycle glass in our green bins, we still have our own bottle bank situated beside the sand store on the public staithe near to the children’s play area
We now have to contact the contractor who empties the bottle bank.
Please ring
01842 820804 if you notice that the bottle bank is near to being full.
Please use the bottle bank carefully.

There is a defibrillator situated by the entrance to the Ferry Inn

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